Glossary of Custom Reports

Event – an action performed by your visitor. Actions can be page views, internal site searches, downloads or outlinks.

Page View – the visitor loaded a web page or an app screen

Outlink – the visitor clicked on a link to an external domain

Download – the visitor downloaded an asset

Site search – the visitor used the in-app search

Custom – visitor’s action triggered a custom event

Content Impression – a piece of content was visible for the visitor

Content Interaction – the visitor interacted with a piece of content

Goal Conversion – the visitor performed an action that the marketer defined as a Goal

Ecommerce Conversion – the visitor made a purchase (requires ecommerce plugin)

Abandoned cart – the visitor abandoned a cart with items (requires ecommerce plugin)

Session – event recorded for a specific visitor are grouped together in a session. If a visitor comes to your application for the first time, or an event is recorded more than X minutes after the last one, a new session is created.

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