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Custom Event Tracking is an extremely useful feature of Piwik PRO. It lets you record what a visitor is doing on your webpage, whether those are clicks, scrolls or even movements of the cursor.

With Event Tracking you can record clicks on non-clickable elements of your website (as well as on clickable ones), the usage of video and audio players, scrolling down, leaving the page, filling out a form without submitting it, interacting with Flash elements, and downloads from your website. While those actions don’t generate changes in the website’s URL, they can be still recorded.

Please take a look at our article that contains a lot of Use Cases of the Custom Events feature.

It’s great that we know what Event Tracking can do, but what’s more important is understanding when we should use it.

Event Tracking is the perfect tool for capturing your visitors’ behavioral patterns and really understanding them. Event Tracking is especially useful if you really want to learn about your visitors’ engagement level.

You should basically choose Event Tracking whenever you want to optimize your website’s performance and learn what elements on your page are the most (and least) engaging for your visitors. Event Tracking can expose the most subtle form of critique from your viewers – they entered your page, but nothing on it excited them enough to do anything more.

You can set your Events very easily with the help of Piwik PRO Tag Manager. Just create a new tag and the choose a Custom Event template:

To create a tag on the Custom Event template you will need to provide at least two out of the three fields shown below:

And of course, as with every tag, you will have to assign an applicable trigger. Then you just save it, publish it, and here it is! All the results will be visible in Analytics NEW (Reports -> Custom events):

For more information on how to use custom events, read our article “Custom Events — Business Use Cases.”

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