Chapter 01


By Anna Tomalik

We all like to live with ease, and when things get too complicated, we get overwhelmed, frustrated and finally say “Enough is enough already!” These were probably the words that digital marketers whispered in IT meetings or screamed in front of computers over a decade ago as more and more web tools sprouted up, and marketers had to manage them all.

It was difficult. Each tool told the marketer: “Copy and paste this code to your website”. This actually meant: create a task for web developers, wait for the next sprint, wait for testing and debugging, check it yourself, and if happy, close the task. Then, when something went wrong, repeat the cycle. With a new tool, repeat the cycle. With a new condition, repeat the cycle. 


Luckily for us humans, including digital marketers, life usually delivers solutions to problems. One day, digital marketing was introduced to a tag management system — a console that allowed users to manage codes without the need to install them separately. In Piwik PRO, this system was called Tag Manager.