Check consent statistics

In Consent Manager, we store anonymous data about visitors’ decisions. We use this data to run statistics about consents on your website. You can analyze them to learn about trends in consent collection.

To view consent statistics, follow these steps:

1. Go to Menu > Consent Manager.
2. From the website picker, choose the website you want to work with.
3. Navigate to Insights.

Insights in Consent Manager.

Decisions about consent are broken down into various consent types and presented on the graph.

Decisions about consent in Consent Manager.

In this section, you can see the following data:

  • Viewed consent form: The number of consent forms viewed by your visitors. It does not include data from the consent form link.
  • Full consent: The number of consents where a visitor agreed to all the types of presented consents.
  • Any consent: The number of consents where a visitor agreed to any consent. For example, agreed for analytics, but didn’t agree for another types.
  • No decision: The number of consents where a visitor viewed a consent form and didn’t make a decision, for example, closed the popup or left the page.
  • No consent: A visitor didn’t agree to any consent.

Consents by type

Consents by type show you the number of collected consents in each category. This statistics may help you manage and improve consent collection.

Consents by type in Consent Manager.
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