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The referrer reports will point you to websites, campaigns, search engines, and social media that bring people to your website. Looking at these reports you’ll know if your advertising is working okay, if you’re communicating well in social media, and if your company can be easily found in Google.

In the referrer reports, there are four types of traffic sources:

  • Direct entry is when a visitor enters your website by typing your site’s URL into the browser. When someone comes to your site through the direct entry, it means they already know your website. So you can treat direct entries as a gauge of your brand awareness.
  • Websites are when a visitor enters your website by clicking on a link on another website. For example, if you’ve placed a link to your website on medium.com, and somebody clicked on this link, the report will show you the medium.com website as a source. Websites refer also to social media sites, so in this category you will find Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Campaigns are when a visitor enters your website by clicking on a link from a campaign you are running like a Google ad, Facebook ad, newsletter, and more. For campaigns to be seen in reports you need to tag them using the Piwik PRO URL Builder or Google URL Builder.
  • Search engines are when a visitor enters your website by clicking on a link in search engine results from Google, Yahoo, and more. Nowadays, the Google search engine is widely used, so most search engine traffic will come from it.

The referrer reports group and organize the referrers into a few reports.

To access the referrer reports, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Menu > Analytics.
  2. In the left-hand menu, click Referrers and pick the report you’d like to see.
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