Chapter 01


By Anna Tomalik

Half of the battle in understanding web analytics is becoming familiar with advanced options for tracking and analyzing visitors. To know what goals and funnels are. To be able to trace user steps. And to have skills for dropping a few lines of code into Tag Manager.

Becoming fluent in web analytics doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to learn and experiment with the tool. But it’s rewarding – acquiring new skills makes you confident in interpreting data and uncovering how humans behave on your website. After all, web analytics exists to guide you in building a better and more useful website for users and customers. And it’s worth the effort.

In this course, we will show you a combination of Analytics and Tag Manager that results in collecting additional information like button clicks, page scrolls or newsletter signups. We will teach you how to work with Piwik PRO Analytics features like goals, user flow and funnels. Finally, we will explain how to use a session log report to understand visitor’s behavior.