Track performance of SEO optimization

The main goal of the SEO campaign is to increase organic traffic and gain more conversions from this channel. During monitoring the SEO campaign performance we should look at the following reports:

When we are gonna click on the search engines data (link pointed by red arrow) we are going to get traffic chart of the organic visits. Now if we are going to set the wider date range, we can see an increase or decrease in this type of traffic.

  • Referrers -> Search Engines & Keywords -> Keywords
  • Here we can get the list of keywords that led to our website. Sadly, most of the keywords are blocked because of the Google Policy (Keyword not defined) but if we are going to set wider timespan we can read more and more keywords. This report is useful in two ways:

    1. Checking if we are acquiring traffic via desired keywords, which can be part of the SEO campaign.
    2. Checking if we are acquiring traffic via non-desired keywords, such as spam queries or ones that are non-related to our business.

  • Referrers -> Search Engines & Keywords -> Search Engines
  • In this report, we can check how many visits are coming from particular Search Engine. And thanks to this we can check how our desired search engine is performing or find new ones.

    But the most important feature to report performance of Organic data is Segmentation.

    Thanks to applying this configuration we are able to filter all the data in Piwik PRO to the Organic traffic. This will give us a possibility to check the quality of this type of traffic on many levels, such as for example conversions, user engagement or the action performed during their sessions.

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